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Studio temporarily closing: A Message on COVID-19

We are invested in your health and the health of others…

We’ve been closely monitoring updates on COVID-19 and the concerns of the community, which has led us to temporarily close our doors. Health and safety are our biggest priorities and we want to be mindful of our customers, our instructors, and the greater community.

As a very new small business, that only opened at the beginning of March, this was a very hard and scary call to make, but we feel it is our social responsibility to be a part of the solution and encourage social distancing during this time.

Starting Monday, March 16th we will suspend classes. We plan to reopen Monday, March 30th, but we will reassess when we get closer to the date and keep you updated. Your investment in your health is important to us so if you have a membership or Groupon deal we will suspend your account for the time being and resume once we reopen.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at info@stilettobarre.com.

Stay healthy and sassy ?

– Natalie & the Stiletto Barre team