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Coming Soon! – Lotte’s Original Class

Sixty years ago, Lotte Berk, a contemporary ballet dancer, invented the powerful and fun series of exercises that would inspire what we call barre today. Lotte was an extremely free spirit with a fascinating history, and when she retired from dancing, she devised this stunning regime with the help of an orthopedist, initially to recover her own spinal health. Later she began teaching it to help other women achieve the body and poise of a dancer while encouraging health and fitness.

Extremely effective and highly efficient, some moves are a little bit “cheeky”, plus there’s a whole segment dedicated to the pelvic floor. Working in a pelvic tilt to decrease the range of movement, muscles are deeply targeted and there’s something almost magical in its biomechanics that makes you lose inches from stubborn areas and feel more feminine yet stronger than you’ve ever been in your life!

With time and different instructors, the original method was modified to fit the appetites of the day, but Natalie and Cristy recently traveled to London to train with Lotte’s daughter, Ester Fairfax, and her UK master instructor, Sophie Ritchie. And we are thrilled to be the first studio to bring Lotte’s ORIGINAL class, in its beautiful, unmodified form, to the Denver area.