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Stiletto Classic

A total body workout that builds core strength and long, lean muscular bodies by fusing elements of ballet, pilates, and light weights into a 60-minute intense workout. Using the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements, your joints are protected, as it does not involve hopping or jumping. Strength sections include stretching to lengthen the muscle and prevent bulk. The muscle built helps serve as a fat-burner long after the class has ended, making this one of the fastest, most effective techniques to reshaping your body.

Stiletto Kitten

A slower version of Stiletto Classic intended to focus on teaching correct form. While open to all, these classes are kept intentionally small and are primarily intended to introduce new members to proper technique. These classes are a great way to reduce new member anxiety and to decrease the risk of injury. Older members may also want to rotate back through to refresh on form!

Stiletto Pumps

A total body workout that incorporates much of the same techniques of Stiletto Classic, with additional focus on cardio interval training. Set to upbeat music, this class is geared to get your heart pumping and to boost your metabolism. This is an intense, brisk 45-minute class turning classic barre into a dance party.

Lotte’s Original – COMING SOON!

The original, unmodified exercise regime, created by Lotte and passed down through her daughter, Esther Fairfax, designed to achieve the body and poise of a dancer, while encouraging health and fitness. Extremely effective and highly efficient, some moves
are a little bit “cheeky”, plus there’s a whole segment dedicated to the pelvic floor. Working in a pelvic tilt to decrease the range of movement, muscles are deeply targeted and there’s something almost magical in its biomechanics that makes you lose inches
from stubborn areas and feel more feminine yet stronger than you’ve ever been in your life!