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About Us

Why Stiletto Barre?

Stiletto isn’t just a shoe, it’s an attitude…

We’re bringing sexy and sass back to the barre!
At Stiletto Barre Studios, we welcome you just as you are. Whether you’re seasoned at the barre or have never been inside a barre studio. No matter your age, weight, or physical ability, you are welcome here! Channel your inner Lotte Berk and get a great workout, but have fun while you’re at it!

What’s in a name?

When it came to choosing a name, stiletto perfectly captures female power and strength, balanced by sexy grace. This balance of strength and grace is in our ballet roots and in everything we strive for. Ballet requires tremendous strength, yet when done well, all you see is effortless fluidity. At Stiletto Barre we help build strong bodies, but we use a combination of isometric strength exercises balanced with stretches to build long, lean muscles instead of bulk. We carried this same desire for balance into our logo with the yin yang quality of the encircled S.

Inner strength, outer grace….welcome to Stiletto Barre!

The Original Barre Technique

Lotte Berk was a German-Jewish dancer who fled Germany at the rise of Nazi Germany to London. She began developing what we now know as barre, drawing from her dance background and targeting specific areas for strength and flexibility training.

Over the years, barre has become more popular, but has lost a lot of the original technique and personality Lotte performed in classes – and we want to change that!

We are trained and personally certified by Esther Fairfax, who continues her mother’s legacy and faithfully teaches Lotte’s method.

Through Lotte’s teachings, she helped empower and build confidence in women and their bodies, and at Stiletto Barre, we strive to do the same.

Meet the Team